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Our mission is to fight hard to secure justice for you.

The Baton Rouge based Cardenas Law Firm’s mission is to provide clients in Louisiana and Texas with the full measure of justice available to them under the law.

We fight hard for people who have suffered personal injury due to the negligence or carelessness or recklessness of others. We secure justice for people who are hurt while working on ships, boats, oil rigs and trains. We go to bat for people who are hurt by dangerous or defective products. We stand up against big businesses when their negligence or carelessness has caused land contamination or other environmental damage to people’s property. We work diligently to bring justice to people whose insurance companies have wrongfully denied their claims. We battle for businesses tied up in legal disputes. If you are a victim and need help in any of these practice areas , the experienced attorneys at Cardenas Law Firm can help you get it.

We give your case the personal attention it deserves

Our law firm has earned a reputation of trust throughout Louisiana and Texas. We are respected by our peers in the legal system. Almost all of our business comes to us by referral – past clients send their friends and family members to us because they trust us and they know that we are serious about each and every case we handle. We hope you will, too.

We have earned our excellent reputation because we get results, and because we provide every case with the personal attention it deserves. Should you choose Cardenas Law Firm to help you with your legal battle, we pledge to work with you as closely as possible. We will stay in touch with you – we are committed to returning all calls and replying to all e-mails promptly. We will speak in plain language with you – we will try our best to explain legal process to you as your case moves along, to answer any questions you might have, and to help you understand both the positive and negative aspects of your case. We will help guide you on issues related to your case, such as your medical care and treatment, physical rehabilitation, and loss of income or job. We are up front and ethical about our fees (you will never be billed for unexpected expenses like “copying” or “mileage”). To put it simply, we are committed to giving both you and your case our fullest attention, to being up front with you, and to being easy for you to reach and talk to.

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Whether you are the victim of personal injury, medical malpractice, breach of contract, land contamination, maritime or train accident or any other type of injury or hurt - our law firm is absolutely committed to securing justice for you and your loved ones. Still, choosing your attorney is an important decision that you should only make after speaking with us in person or at least by phone. There is no charge for us to talk to you or meet with you to evaluate your case. In fact, until we make a recovery for you – either at trial, at mediation, at arbitration, or by settlement – you will never have to pay us anything! So please… contact us today so that you can get to know us better, and so that we can better evaluate your situation.