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At the law firm of Cardenas Law Firm, we are equipped to handle…and win… a wide range of cases. In all of our practice areas listed below (which are explained in more detail throughout this website) we are successful because we are ready to go the distance. While we always try for a timely and cost-effective resolution through negotiation or mediation, we are in fact skilled trial lawyers capable of preparing and presenting complex litigation at all levels of Louisiana, Texas, and federal courts. We are absolutely prepared to take your fight into the courtroom so we can argue in front of a judge and/or jury to win justice for you. Our clients throughout Louisiana and Texas (in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Hammond, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Shreveport, Houma, Thibodeaux, Houston, Dallas, Beaumont and elsewhere) trust us to do whatever is necessary to get them results they need, whenever they suffer a loss in any of the following areas:

Personal injury and wrongful death: Cardenas Law Firm handles serious personal injury claims for injuries sustained in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, industrial accidents, wrongful death, dangerous and defective products and premises liability. Our personal injury attorneys have experience with brain, head and back injuries, catastrophic personal injuries, and chemical exposure and burn injuries.

Contingent-fee business litigation: At Cardenas Law Firm we represents business owners on a contingent-fee basis only.  Using this approach we have secured justice for many business owners who have suffered loss from breach of contract, breach of partnership agreement, negligent performance, denial of insurance claim, etc. and who otherwise would have written off the loss to avoid hiring an “hourly” attorney and paying tens of thousands of dollars (or more) for years of litigation…with only a “possibility” of recovery.

Maritime, Oilfield and Railroad Injury and Death: Cardenas & has extensive experience with cases involving  injuries and fatal accidents occurring on ships, barges, boats, and offshore oil rigs or platforms, as well as railroads.  These cases involve different bodies of law, with complex issues that should be handled by knowledgeable attorneys.  At Cardenas Law Firm we are equipped to deliver justice in your Jones Act, admiralty or maritime law case if you were hurt working on the water, or your FELA or railroad law case if you were injured or hurt on a railroad or train.

Land contamination: Toxic chemicals left behind by oil, mineral and other major companies can seriously harm the value of your land.  Cardenas Law Firm is equipped to handle your complex land contamination claim, seeking compensation for lost value, remediation or cleanup, and punitive damages when available.

Medical malpractice: Cardenas Law Firm has experience fighting medical malpractice suits involving misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose, improper charting, negligent prescription of improper medications or medications with dangerous effects, surgical errors, and other grossly negligent actions of doctors and hospitals – any of which could lead to life changing or catastrophic injury, permanent disability, or death.  Medical malpractice actions follow a different procedure than most cases and must go before a medical review panel before they can go to trial.  In any event, we are equipped to answer your medical malpractice questions and to handle your medical malpractice lawsuit.

Denial of insurance claims: The insurance industry, as a common practice, denies all variety of claims, usually by disputing coverage under an “exception” in the policy, by disputing how the accident leading to your claim happened, or by disputing the value of the damages caused by that accident.  Insurance companies have tremendous legal and financial resources, and will deny claims in a effort to delay payment and to wear claimants down – attempting to force claimants to accept a settlement that is far below the value of their claim.  At Cardenas Law Firm we “do battle” with insurance companies virtually every day.  We will fight to secure justice for you when your claim is denied or you are being offered substantially less by the insurance company than the amount of your loss or the value of your claim.

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Whatever type of injury you have suffered – our law firm is committed to taking the steps necessary to provide justice for you.  Choosing your attorney is an important decision that you should only make after speaking with us in person or at least by phone.  There is no charge for us to talk to you or meet with you to evaluate your case.  In fact, until we make a recovery for you – either at trial, at mediation, at arbitration, or by settlement – you will never have to pay us anything!  So please….contact us today so that you can get to know us better, and so that we can better evaluate your situation.