Land Contamination

Toxic land contamination – including contamination of soil or water – is an “injury” to your property, for which you should be compensated.

Big businesses should be held accountable when their negligence results in injuries – including “injuries” to your property, such as soil contamination, water contamination or any other form of property or environmental damage. At Cardenas Law Firm in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, our attorneys have the experience to stand up to big businesses. Fighting negligent big business is often a long and difficult process, because big businesses have virtually unlimited resources and more often than not they battle to the bitter end – but we are not intimidated by these facts. We have won many victories on the “big business battlefield” and we will continue in our mission to secure justice for anyone injured by any-sized businesses’ negligence or intentional wrongdoing – including landowners whose land has been damaged by that wrongdoing.

Leased land often leads to contaminated and devalued land.

When land is leased to a big business (like an oil company), the lease typically requires that the land be returned to the owner in a certain condition. Oftentimes, this doesn’t happen. Instead, the business contaminates the land, or contaminates the wells or ponds or other water bodies on that land. When the business fails or refuses to clean up, the business can be held accountable for the damage it has caused. A lease is not a permission slip to wreck or ruin property. Toxic chemicals, toxic waste and other forms of toxic dumping destroy property values. Land contamination frequently occurs when plots of land are leased to oil, mineral or other natural resource companies – the owner returns to his or her property only to learn that the business that leased it has left behind toxic chemicals and contaminated the land. At Cardenas Law Firm, we represent victims of land contamination who seek money damages for the destruction and devaluation of contaminated land, loss of inhabitability, loss of use for timber or other future operations, costs of remediation or cleanup, and any penalties or punitive damages allowed for under the law.

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When your land or water has been contaminated – you will need a skilled lawyer to handle your case. Choosing your attorney is an important decision that you should only make after speaking with us in person or at least by phone. There is no charge for us to talk to you or meet with you to evaluate your case. In fact, until we make a recovery for you – either at trial, at mediation, at arbitration, or by settlement – you will never have to pay us anything! So please… contact us today so that you can get to know us better, and so that we can better evaluate your land contamination case.