Medical Malpractice

We fight for victims of medical malpractice – injured by the carelessness of doctors, surgeons, nursing homes and other health care providers.

Doctors and medical professionals are expected to exercise a high degree of care when treating their patients. This is because patients will entrust their health (and oftentimes their life) into the hands of someone who is expected to be well educated, and who is most often very well paid, to take extra special care of the patient’s situation. When a doctor, surgeon, or other health care provider’s carelessness causes harm to a patient, the victim can seek compensation for damages, including payment for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and more. The Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Cardenas Law Firm is experienced in providing justice for victims of medical negligence.

A doctor’s failure to diagnose a condition can lead to serious or deadly consequences.

Many malpractice cases deal with straightforward medical errors, such as prescription errors or surgical mistakes. Still, many other forms of medical malpractice exist. “Failure to diagnose” cases happen when a doctor or medical professional fails to spot a serious condition that should have been seen and treated. Cancer, heart conditions and many other medical conditions can be successfully treated when spotted early-on, but can be fatal or lead to serious injuries (and serious added expense) when early diagnoses is negligently missed, or when an early diagnosis is completely and obviously wrong. When a doctor misreads an X-ray or fails to run the proper tests, it can lead to disastrous, long-term consequences for the patient and his or her family. Similarly, birth injuries such as cerebral or Erb’s palsy can be missed and lead to a child’s having a lifelong debilitating condition that may have otherwise been prevented or lessened. Doctors can be held responsible for these types of carelessness.

Your attorney should understand the medical “standard of care.”

Sometimes a doctor will do everything right, but still end up losing a patient, or ending up with a less-than-perfect result. This is simply the nature of the medical profession. As such, even though medical procedure may seem as though it went wrong, this does not necessarily mean that malpractice was committed. The “standard of care” to which medical professionals are held is most simply explained in this way: Doctors have a duty to provide good care according to the accepted standards of the medical community in which they practice. In other words, when looking at a doctor’s conduct to determine whether malpractice was committed one must ask whether other doctors in the same field would have reasonably conducted themselves in the same way given the same situation and circumstances. That being said, doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists and other hospital staff members often make mistakes. One such mistake can cause years of pain, anxiety and illness, not to mention the medical costs of treating the mistake that never should have been made. When a doctor or other medical professional fails to do what any other competent medical professional would have done in the same situation and you have been harmed as a result, you need an aggressive lawyer to fight for you. Medical malpractice is established when you are able to prove that your doctor or other medical professional did not use “reasonable care” in your treatment. The “reasonable care” standard can be tricky and difficult to overcome – the “reasonable care” question revolves less around whether or not the doctor or health care provider made a mistake, and more around whether the doctor or health care provider used the same degree of care as other similar doctors or health care providers would have used in the same scenario.

Nursing home neglect and abuse.

While old age doesn’t automatically entitle someone to a higher standard of care, the law provides that when the elderly have infirmities due to their age, such as poor eyesight, confusion or dementia, fragile bones, poor hearing, etc. they are entitled to a higher duty of care. This is particularly true when that care is being delivered by someone trained as a medical professional. It is a sad reality that families who entrust the care of their elderly loved ones to nursing homes often later discover that horrible neglect and abuse has occurred. At Cardenas Law Firm we are committed to seeking the absolute fullest compensation for your loved ones and your family if you are the victim of such neglect or abuse. We are skilled medical malpractice attorneys.

Cardenas Law Firm has experience fighting medical malpractice suits involving misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose, improper charting, negligent prescription of improper medications or medications with dangerous effects, surgical errors, and other grossly negligent actions of doctors and hospitals – any of which could lead to life changing or catastrophic injury, permanent disability, or death. We know what it takes to raise a successful malpractice claim for our injured clients who rightfully deserve compensation for injuries, medical bills and lost wages. We are well-equipped to handle your complicated medical malpractice case as well.

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