Jones Act Summary

The Jones Act

Jones Act law and maritime law are very complex. The statutes, by themselves, are only a small part of Jones Act law and maritime law. Actual court cases which are appealed make up a large part of Jones Act law and maritime law. Generally, Jones Act laws were written to protect people who work on ships, oilrigs, or other sea-going vessels. However, Jones Act law is very different from workers compensation law. Under the Jones Act an injured worker must prove that the ship or drilling rig owner operator were negligent or at fault for your injury. This is not difficult for an experienced Jones Act lawyer. The Jones Act attorneys at the Cardenas Law Firm are experienced in handling Jones Act claims and maritime claims. We know what we’re doing and want to help you to avoid costly mistakes and collect a 100% Jones Act settlement, not a penny less.


This article is a short overview of the Jones Act but if you have been injured or if you contracted a disease in a maritime setting, you need to call a Jones Act lawyer immediately after any job injury. Many workers who call us think they are covered by workman’s compensation or by longshore compensation but they are wrong. You should call us toll-free at 1-877-354-4529. The Cardenas Law Firm has lawyers who can immediately talk to you about Jones Act law and tell you exactly what to do and what to expect. You can talk to an attorney confidentially and for free. Your call is privileged and private. We will not and cannot inform anyone of your call to us.