33 U.S.C. 18 – SECTIONS 901-950

  • Sec. 901. Short title.
    Sec. 902. Definitions.
    Sec. 903. Coverage.
    Sec. 904. Liability for compensation.
    Sec. 905. Exclusiveness of liability.
    Sec. 906. Compensation.
    Sec. 907. Medical services and supplies.
    Sec. 908. Compensation for disability.
    Sec. 909. Compensation for death.
    Sec. 910. Determination of pay.
    Sec. 911. Guardian for minor or incompetent.
    Sec. 912. Notice of injury or death.
    Sec. 913. Filing of claims.
    Sec. 914. Payment of compensation.
    Sec. 915. Invalid agreements.
    Sec. 916. Assignment and exemption from claims of creditors.
    Sec. 917. Lien against compensation.
    Sec. 918. Collection of defaulted payments; special fund.
    Sec. 919. Procedure in respect of claims.
    Sec. 920. Presumptions.
    Sec. 921. Review of compensation orders.
    Sec. 921a. Appearance of attorneys for Secretary, deputy commissioner, or Board.
    Sec. 922. Modification of awards.
    Sec. 923. Procedure before deputy commissioner or Board.
    Sec. 924. Witnesses.
    Sec. 925. Witness fees.
    Sec. 926. Costs in proceedings brought without reasonable grounds.
    Sec. 927. Powers of deputy commissioners or Board.
    Sec. 928. Fees for services.
    Sec. 929. Record of injury or death.
    Sec. 930. Reports to Secretary.
    Sec. 931. Penalty for misrepresentation.
    Sec. 932. Security for compensation.
    Sec. 933. Compensation for injuries where third persons are liable.
    Sec. 934. Compensation notice.
    Sec. 935. Substitution of carrier for employer.
    Sec. 936. Insurance policies.
    Sec. 937. Certificate of compliance with chapter.
    Sec. 938. Penalties.
    Sec. 939. Administration by Secretary.
    Sec. 940. Deputy commissioners.
    Sec. 941. Safety rules and regulations.
    Sec. 942. Annual report.
    Sec. 943. Repealed.
    Sec. 944. Special fund.
    Sec. 945 to 947. Repealed.
    Sec. 948. Laws inapplicable.
    Sec. 948a. Discrimination against employees who bring proceedings; penalties; deposit of payments in special fund; civil actions; entitlement to restoration of employment and compensation, qualifications requirement; liability of employer for penalties and payments; insurance policy exemption from liability.
    Sec. 949. Effect of unconstitutionality.
    Sec. 950. Separability.